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Can a betting site ban you for winning?

Our guide to avoiding betting account bans

Oliver Williams
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The short answer is yes - there are numerous reasons as to why bookmakers may ban, limit or restrict your account. This may seem unfair but it is not illegal. These sites don't have to accept your wagers and they are simply looking out for their business. For them, it is all about profitability so if a customer is making money, and lots of it, chances are their account will be limited or closed.

Why do bookmakers limit accounts?

Unprofitable customer

This is fairly simple - if you win too much there is a high likelihood your account will be restricted or potentially closed. Bookmakers are all about profitability and if you're consistently taking money off them they won't like it and will want to put a stop to it - which is within their rights to do so. It's their way of protecting themselves.

They can do this with a full account closure but they could also restrict your account. Bookmakers want as many people using their service as possible so limiting your stake is another way they protect themselves.

Breaking bookmaker's rules

This can be done in a variety of ways so be sure to check your preferred bookmakers terms and conditions before you open an account with them.

Bonus and promotion abuse

This is a great way for bettors to profit when first opening an account or by utilising various promotions offered their way. Bookmakers can track how often you take advantage of promotional offers and you may be risking your account being closed or restricted if you just use these offers. This is known as matched betting.

Having more than one account

Bookmakers are very clear and strict about this. Bettors have been known to try and open other accounts using the name of other family members or friends. To counteract this, bookmakers try to limit one account per household, payment method and IP address. If caught breaking this rule, all winnings can be confiscated.

Abusing staff

This usually happens due to a bettor not understanding the terms and conditions set out by a bookmaker. A disgruntled customer will lose a bet then take to the live chat or telephone service and start being abusive towards staff. This will just lead to them dismissing your query and possibly banning you from ever using their services again. If you have a disagreement, use the appropriate channels but do so with respect and care - it will help your case a great deal if you approach things in the correct way.

Arbitrage betting

Bookmakers aren't fond of this either. Arbitrage betting involves betting on both outcomes on one event at two different bookmakers where there is a large difference in odds as it guarantees profit if either selection wins. The nature of this method means the bookmaker loses often, which they don't like. Arbing, as it's known, often requires a bettor to bet strange amounts in order to maximise profit which may lead to your account getting flagged.

How do I avoid having my account closed or restricted?

It sounds straightforward but avoid doing anything mentioned above if you want an unrestricted account. Rules, terms and conditions are put in place and must be followed in order to carry on using the service offered by bookmakers. Here are some tips to avoid this from happening.

Use just the right amount of promotions and bonuses

Anymore than this and you could get flagged. If you don't use any then the same thing could happen - try and find a balance of the two.

Bet whole amounts

If you don't bet round numbers, it could look like you are arbitrage betting to the bookmaker. Using whatever you have left in your account to place a bet is fine but consistently placing bets with strange amounts will result in your account being flagged and potentially restricted or closed.

Track your betting history

Understanding how much you are betting and whether you are winning or losing is a good way to manage your finances. Knowing if you are on a winning streak with a bookmaker can be useful to know as you may want to take a break from using that site for a while to reduce the chances of being flagged.

Don't duplicate your accounts

It may seem like a good idea to have another account in your partner's or friend's name but this will only end badly. Resist the urge to open an account in someone else's name just for the welcome offers as it could result in the account in your name being banned too.

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