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How to find your own football betting tips using Potential Bets

How to use our powerful online betting tools to research your football bets and find your own football betting tips

Oliver Williams
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Getting started

Potential Bets is an online betting tool, developed with professional sports bettors, that helps you research your football bets and find your own football betting tips. In this guide we show you how to use the tool's powerful features to find value bets and maximise your long-term profitability.

To get started simply log in to the app. Not got an account? Start your free 5-day trial

Select a league

When you log in, simply select a country and competition using the drop-down menus to load today's matches. Potential Bets supports every single football league and club competition in the world, but the app only displays competitions that have matches being played today.

Screenshot – Predictions
Our BETCAST match simulation engine accurately predicts the outcomes of popular betting markets for over 1,500 football leagues worldwide

Our football betting predictions

Our powerful match simulation engine uses historical data to accurately predict the probability of popular betting markets such as the match result, both teams to score and total goals. 

You can change the market using the drop-down menu at the top of the table.

The colour of the number relates to the likelihood of the outcome, not the expected value of the bet.

It is important to note that bet predictions are just that – predictions. Predictions help you understand the expected probability of certain outcomes, they are not tips as they do not take into account the value of the odds being offered by bookmakers.

Screenshot – Statistics Unselected
All of our betting stats are ranked by team so you can easily see how teams stack up against each other

Our football betting statistics

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of football statistics websites, however, they all share one thing in common: they all have loads of stats but not enough actionable insight. They bombard you with information that is hard to digest and hard to use to make more informed betting decisions.

Our football betting stats are designed to be fast, simple and actionable. 

Simply select a statistic using the drop-down menu at the top of the table and the table will update to show you how every team in your selected competition ranks for that stat. Our ranked stats make it super easy to spot any mismatches and highly probably outcomes.

Teams that are playing today will have a green indicator next to them. You can select any team to highlight the team they’re playing, making it easy to compare how they rank for any statistic.

Screenshot – Statistics Selected
Selecting any match filters the statistics to make it easy to compare teams
Screenshot – Statistics Selected Home Form
Selecting home games only shows that LA are much stronger at home than they are away from home
Screenshot – Statistics Selected Away Form
But selecting away games only also shows that Nashville are much stronger away from home

You can use the filters at the bottom of the table to switch between home games only, away games only or all matches, enabling you to compare home and away form for any betting stat. This is a powerful feature for identifying value betting opportunities.

Screenshot – Match Simulator
Our match simulator predicts that a 1-1 draw is the most probably result – what do you think?

Our football match simulations

Match simulations are one of our user’s favourite and most-used features. Select any match, hit the ‘Simulate match’ button and our match simulation engine will predict the correct score as well as the number of shots, goals, cards, corners and fouls.

Our algorithm uses recent historical data to calculate the most probable correct score and the expected number of shots, goals, corners, card and fouls for each team and in total.

As with our predictions, match simulations are not intended as tips. They are the most likely outcomes, not guaranteed outcomes. For example, if our match simulation predicts a 1-1 draw, it is not a guarantee that the match will end in a draw, it’s predicting that a 1-1 draw is the most likely result.

Match simulations are great for build-a-bets too, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly research popular build-a-bet markets for every match.

Screenshot – Fair Odds
Fair odds help you understand the value of the odds you're being offered by your bookmaker

Our fair odds guide

Fair odds show the true odds of an event based on the predicted probability. Put another way, they express the predicted probability of each outcome in the form of decimal odds. They help you understand whether or not odds are good value.

You can use fair odds to look for potential pricing errors by the bookies, especially in the lower leagues.

For example, if our match simulation engine has predicted that the probability of Manchester City beating Southampton is 50%, then the fair odds for a home win would be 1.5. If you believe that 50% is correct, then any odds over 1.5 would be a +EV bet.


As you can see, Potential Bets is an incredibly easy to use but incredibly powerful tool to help you research your football bets. In future guides we'll cover how to use the tool to find value bets across all the major betting markets.

If you like what you see, sign up for a free 5-day trial and start finding your own football betting tips today.

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Find your own football betting tips

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