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First goalscorer betting, as you would expect, is when you bet on a player to score first in any given match. If your selected player scores first, you win. If any other play scores, or if no goal is scored at all, you lose.

First goalscorer bets explained in detail

First goalscorer bets often come with quite a few terms and conditions, and every bookmaker is different, so it's essential you read the small print before you place your goalscorer bets.

Here are few general terms to consider when placing a first goalscorer bet:

  • Bets are typically settled on the result after 90 minutes play, including injury time but not extra time or penalties, unless otherwise specified

  • Own goals do not count

  • If your player doesn't start, or comes on as a substitute after the first goal has been scored then your bet will be void and your stake will be returned

  • If your player doesn't start but comes on as a substitute before the first goal is scored then your bet will typically not be void but you should check with your preferred bookmaker

  • Bets tend to be settled by the bookmaker shortly after the game ends, however, times vary by bookmaker

  • Once a bet has been settled, bookmakers cannot make subsequent corrections if, for example, a goalscorer is changed by a dubious goals panel

  • If a match is postponed, some bookmakers will void the bet whereas others will keep the bet live until the fixture is rearranged – always check the terms of your preferred bookmaker

  • If you've placed an accumulator (also commonly referred to as a multiple bet, multi-bet, jackpot bet, acca or parlay) and one of your selections in void, other selections will usually stand – this will reduce the odds and payout of your bet

First goalscorer betting strategy

Check team lineups and formation

Always check team lineups and formations before placing a first goalscorer bet. For example, a generally high-scoring team may set up more defensively for a big fixture. If they do, they may be less likely to score than usual which will impact the probability of your goalscorer bet winning.

Check penalty takers

Looking for penalty takers that aren't strikers, especially in a lesser known leagues, can be a great way of finding good value bets. Often bookmakers won't be aware that a defender for an Estonian second division team is the team's first-choice penalty taker. It's also good to look for teams that have their first-choice penalty takers injured or suspended to see if second-choice spot kick takers have been mispriced by the bookies.

Look for value

Remember, as with all types of football bets, you're not looking for the most likely player to score (this will nearly always be the player with the lowest odds), you're looking for players who are more likely to score first than the implied probability of the odds being offered – also referred to as a value bet.

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