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Steward's enquiry

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A steward's enquiry is most commonly used in horse racing as a review system. This review takes place after the race to ensure it has been run fairly and that race-rules have not been broken. The results of a steward's enquiry can overturn the race result if enough sufficient evidence is found.

How can a Steward's Enquiry affect my bet?

Bookmakers vary in how they payout on bets involved in a steward's enquiry - check the terms and conditions when placing a bet with your preferred bookmaker. Some bookmakers pay 'first past the post' so if your selection wins then the inquiry is irrelevant. If a selection finishes second then this could work against some bettors.

However, some bookmakers do payout on both results as a gesture of goodwill - once for the original winner and once for the newly declared winner. This is rare for bookmakers to do this so do check with your preferred bookmaker.

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