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Void is a term used in sports betting when a bet is cancelled. When this happens, the bet cannot be won and the bettor cannot receive a payout. Also, the bet cannot be lost and this results in the bettor having their stake returned.

When bets are placed with 'real' money the stake is returned if voided. However, if you are wanting to use bonus funds or a free bet, you should check with the bookmaker regarding their terms and conditions on voiding.

Why is a bet voided?

There are several reasons as to why a bet or selection may be voided. These include:

  • Bookmaker's rules - bookmakers may void a bet or selection within their own rules if an event or market is changed. An example of this would be a reduction in overs for a cricket match. If you are unsure of any of the rules put in place you should check with your preferred bookmaker before placing a bet.

  • Match or event is postponed - this can cover a variety of sports; football, cricket, golf and horse racing to name a few. It may be caused by bad weather or safety concerns which could result in a void bet or selection. The bet may still be 'live' for when the event is rescheduled or your stake will get refunded but this can differ from bookmakers.

  • Event abandoned - this happens when an event doesn't reach its conclusion. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as bad weather or crowd trouble.

  • Non-runners/injuries - most common in horse racing, if your selection withdraws before the event starts it will be a non-runner and the bet will usually be voided. Injuries in other sports, such as golf, football or boxing may lead to a bet being voided due to a withdrawal. In football, bets on the first goalscorer are voided if they start on the bench and come on after the first goal is scored or they don't come on at all. Also, bets on the last goalscorer are also voided if they remain on the bench for the whole game.

What happens if a selection is void in a multiple?

When a single is voided then a bettor's stake is usually refunded but this is different for multiples. When one selection is voided in a double it becomes a single, a treble becomes a double, and accumulator/four-fold becomes a treble and so on.

With Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s and Lucky 63s, the bet is settled without the void selection/non-runner.

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